ADA rules muddled

Reader Input
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Re: “Foresthill businesses hit by ADA lawsuits,” (Journal, May 1):
Attorneys have been suing businesses for not complying with the ADA laws. I think that this is not how the law should be enforced.
Because they are making so much money off of it, they will try to get money even if the infraction is barely noticeable. For example, they might even sue for the mirror in the bathroom being a little bit too high.
Instead of the attorneys, there should be a government group doing this, with all profits going to help disabled people or something. The money shouldn’t be going to help some random person buy a new house, however. There is no reason why most of these attorneys should get the money. They are not earning it!
Making it easier for disabled people to get around is a good cause, but ADA laws need to be rewritten. There should be a government group regularly inspecting businesses sand the laws should be posted so that everyone knows exactly what is required.
I looked ADA up on Google, and I never found exactly what was required, so people may not even know that they are out of compliance and give them enough time to fix the problem before suing if the problem remains, but too many don’t give them that time, so I think we need to change our solution to the problem.
ROBBIE PARSONS, student, Auburn