Administration very arrogant

Reader Input
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I am amazed at how naive many people are as we watch our current president and his leftist administration repeatedly run roughshod over the Constitution. Their unbelievable arrogance has stirred a deep resolve among patriotic citizens to stop this tyranny before they succeed in remaking the United States into a socialist nation. The deception and trickery that was used to pass Obamacare was not a one-time event. Obamacare’s unconstitutional expansion of government into the private lives of Americans was forced on us. Our coverage will decrease as our costs increase and the purpose of limits on insurance companies will drive them out of business, leaving us with government-controlled health care instead of doctor/patient care. Now underhanded tactics are being used to pass new taxes and climate change legislation. As all records become available, it is now known that there is no such thing as global warming, which has changed its name to climate change but that in reality is just the normal cycles the Earth goes through and over which man has no control. Now the supposed financial “reform” bill is just another takeover by government to control another industry in addition to the automobile industry, the banking industry, the health care industry and more. I am thankful for the Tea Party movement that wants to take America back, reduce the size and scope of government and allow us to keep our freedoms. Socialism has never worked and we need to stop this slippery slope heading toward it. Ann Laman, Auburn