Administrative salaries killed schools

Reader Input
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To the college administrators and anyone else on the dark side of California education: How dare you? How dare you force us to pay more each semester, while all it does is go into your pockets as a big fat pay raise. Teachers’ salaries, programs and classes get cut. The cost of books, parking and tuition goes up. There is a limit, and that limit has been pushed, stretched and finally broken. We are disgusted by the amount of greed and corruption in the system today. Students should never have to fight for schooling or be drained broke by it. And when UC Davis students asked for someone to listen by staging peaceful demonstrations, the cops shot them with pellet guns and beat them with sticks. So much for the right to protest. I’m asking the students and teachers to protest. I’m asking the police to please stop shooting said protesting students and teachers with pellet guns. Lastly, I’m asking the California voters for help. We are your future doctors and firefighters. You need us, and we can’t get there without a fair chance at an education. Please vote in favor of future propositions that will help our schools. Kaity Alonzo, Meadow Vista