Adopt, love a rescue animal

Reader Input
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Some animals are abused every day, and most people don’t even know about it. Their lives are spent being kicked, yelled at, and more. This can happen when the owner of a pet is angry, and takes out his anger on the animal. Luckily, most of these animals are saved, but there are others that aren’t as lucky. These unlucky animals will probably die without having an owner who will love and take care of them. The pets that were saved are most likely put into animal shelters. Some of the pets that were placed there will most likely die, without having a loving owner too, because they didn’t get adopted. Therefore, more people should save a dog or another animal that was abused by adopting. This can make your life more enjoyable by having a pet, and can save the pet from living in fear of a dangerous owner. CHEYENNE MATYAC, student, Auburn