Adoption practices wrong

Reader Input
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This letter specifically concerns AAARF and Placer County animal control, but if other pet adoption agencies see similarities, please listen up. You seriously need to reevaluate your adoption practices. My father has tried multiple times to adopt dogs from your agencies and you have turned him away for ridiculous, irrational reasons. Here’s the bottom line: He makes plenty of money to support a dog, he has a huge gated yard for the dog to play, has plenty of time to devote to a dog, and he has had happy dogs for the past 30 years. Moreover, he’s not the only potential adopter who has been turned away by your organizations for absurd reasons. Have you really strayed so far from your mission of creating the perfect human/animal matches that you would deprive pets of a great home? Your arrogance and elitism frustrates me no end. It encourages people to buy from puppy mills or give up trying to adopt! He was looking for a friend, and because of you and your staff, those dogs are without homes. One thing is for sure, you will not get another dime of donation money from me until you reevaluate your adoption practices. Emily Kemp, Auburn