Afghanistan means total war

Reader Input
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Thank you, Representative Tom McClintock, for your recent letter correctly answering a critic of yours (Journal, Jan. 12). This person in his letter criticized Tom’s viewpoints on the Afghan War expressed at the recent town hall meeting. I was at this meeting, and Tom is right on the money in his assessment of the situation there. This is total war, and a war we must win, and we have to conduct it as such. As a Korean War veteran, but more importantly, the proud grandfather of a Marine who completed three combat tours in Iraq, I have some very definite views on this subject. In many discussions with my grandson, he expressed constantly his frustrations with the restitutions that were placed upon our troops fighting this very vicious, cunning enemy. We do not want to repeat these mistakes in Afghanistan. Our young men and women are fighting a force that has no scruples and whose rules of engagement are not hampered by being “politically correct.” They are terrorists that have the intent to eliminate all of us infidels, which by the way, includes you and me. JACK POULSEN, Auburn