After the sale, take down those signs

Reader Input
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Dear Auburn area residents: I love attending the yard sales that you offer. Over the years I have found a plethora of used treasures available by following all the signs posted on stop signs, telephone poles, cardboard boxes on the corner, etc. I have purchased many items for my personal collections, or items I have re-sold for huge profits at auctions. I am, however, seeing a developing trend. When the yard sale is over, the sign remains for days or often weeks until it rots or is blown away. It is very unsightly and impolite of you to leave your signs for someone else to clean up. You spent a half an hour of your time to put them up, so you can spend half an hour taking them down. It’s just common courtesy that you can extend your neighbors. Let’s not forget the signs posted for parties, weddings, lost dogs, etc. Once the party is over, or you have found your dog, get off your butts and go clean up your mess. While you’re at it pick up a little trash you see in the ditch. Our area will be a little cleaner and better for what you do. David Chaddock, Auburn