Agents helping community with foreclosure tour

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Thank you for this opportunity to clear up some misperceptions about our work and efforts to improve the current state of affairs in our community (Buyers eye foreclosures in style on local limousine tour, Journal, March 10). It has always been a philosophy of The Gold Rush Group to be of service to our families, our clients and our community. We work hard at staying in the solution during challenging times. The economy is very driven by home ownership. Empty properties are a blight and a hardship on everyone, adversely affecting all home values and the flow of a healthy, steady economy. Foreclosed homes have long been vacated by the owner or renter. No one legally connected to the home is available to have their feelings hurt. Nikki (Holmes) and I know this is an opportunity for the first-time home buyer who never had a shot at home ownership throughout the past three to four years. We also know that the quicker these empty properties come off the market, the sooner our community and nation can realize a dream of optimism once again. I will also state for the record that we have worked tirelessly at keeping people in their homes and avoid foreclosure whenever possible. The vehicle we chose to shuttle people around in should not be the focus. Let's instead see how we can, as individuals, make a positive mark on our world today. Sidné Allinger The Gold Rush Group Keller Williams Realty Auburn