Ainsleigh asks right questions

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Gordon Ainsleigh has been asking important questions. The scathing ‘Our View’ in Friday’s (Oct. 1) paper made me ill. It simply said that just because he is not a ‘good old boy’ blindly following the rest of the gang as ARD decisions are being made, it should put him in a bad light. A person who questions and gets all the facts pertinent before deciding is the type we need in politics. A representative who truly follows what his public indicates it wants is a true and worthy representative. The public has spoken when it comes to trails. Physical fitness is so important in so many ways. Gordon certainly has every right to state in the paper the reasons he is for or against a candidate. He has been working with these men long enough to really know. And as for rudeness during meetings, I have observed more of that toward him than the other way around. Just a few meetings with Curtis (Smith) at the helm had me wondering how he could treat a fellow board member like that and sleep well at night. I am glad there are a few guys like Gordon in our local political realm. He made a difference in the bathroom crises and we saved thousands. No blind following of the simplest route! Long live the questioners and the “check the actual facts and figures”civil servants! Donna Vetromile, Auburn