Ainsleigh earns much credit

Reader Input
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I have some history for people with poor memories who criticize my friend Gordy Ainsleigh for having a negative effect on Auburn Recreation District. Scott Holbrook was elected to the ARD board in 1998, and for the next six years, ARD struggled through one disaster after another. Then Gordy was elected in 2004, and within a year and a half, ARD changed direction, and has been getting better ever since. If Holbrook is so good at making ARD better, how come nothing happened until Gordy got on the board? I asked Gordy how the change happened, and found out it was quite deliberate. Gordy realized that the process of getting new administrators from nationwide searches, resumés and interviews had resulted in nothing but disasters for ARD, Sierra College and Placer High School District. He wanted to abandon this established process. So he and the search consultant persuaded the rest of the board that, instead of hiring the outside expert to run the district, they would hire the outside expert to teach ARD’s own Kahl Muscott how to run the district. Things got better after that because Kahl is hard-working, fair and honest. Let’s give credit where credit is due: Gordy for turning ARD around, growing trees and voting for health, trails and open space; Holbrook for producing Party in the Park and voting against health, against trails, and against accepting a free $750,000 open-space woodland park because it’s too steep for a gymnasium or sports field. TOM BUTZ, Colfax