Airline bankruptcy spikes Scouts’ trip

By: Jenifer Gee Journal Staff Writer
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Linda Rich thought she was going to throw up when she heard the news. The Colfax Girl Scout troop leader had just found out the group’s years-long planned trip to Hawaii was in jeopardy because the airline to the island filed for bankruptcy. “We worked so hard on this for years,” Rich said. “We budgeted the house, the cars, the food, the gas and everything down to the sunscreen.” Now the troop is scrambling to raise an additional $4,000 to $5,000 to cover the new and higher price of their airline tickets to the big island. The troop is making an appeal to the community to help make it possible for the girls to take their weeklong trip this June. “We’re just hoping to get some help so that these girls could celebrate all these years in scouts,” said Cindy Hazard, the troop’s co-leader. Rich, the troop’s leader, said most of the girls in the troop have been 12-year members, which is a kind of longevity that is unusual for most groups. She said a few years ago the girls became serious about planning a big trip to celebrate the culmination of their Girl Scout experience. “It’s important because I’ve been a Girl Scout for 12 years and this is the last year,” said troop member Jackie Hazard. “I think we all deserve it because we’ve been in it for so long.” This is the only summer the girls can take the trip, Rich said, because this is the last year for some of the girls to be Girl Scouts. She added that it’s important for the girls to go because they set a long-term goal and accomplished it. The girls have scrimped and saved through cookie sales, car washes and magazine sales, Cindy Hazard said. Currently they are working with a local florist to make boutonnieres. They are selling those boutonnieres for a father-daughter dance that took place this weekend and for the high school prom. “We’re really excited to go on this trip and we’re going no matter what it takes,” said troop member Carly Rich. “We have a lot of work ahead of us.” In Hawaii the girls had their sights set on a volcano tour, ocean tour, snorkeling trip and more. Not all those activities could happen now that costs have risen. For some of the girls, and leaders, it will be the first time they will take a trip out of the area. The girls have been active members in the community and have helped with several community projects, Cindy Hazard said. Carly Rich added that next year the remaining girls want to work on a large community project to give back even more. “Any support we get is so much appreciated,” Carly Rich said. “We’ve already gotten a lot of support from the community and we appreciate everything.” The troop has set up an account at Wells Fargo bank under the name Girl Scout Troop 562 with a reference to Hawaii Fund. The account number is 8351564466. Rich said the money is not tax deductible. She said the troop is only looking for help to cover the airline tickets. For more information, contact Cindy Hazard at (530) 878-2103. The Journal’s Jenifer Gee can be reached at or post a comment at