All hail the big-box eyesore

Reader Input
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Shop where you want. That’s how it is and that’s how it should be. What really gets me about most of the letters that are in support of Wal-Mart going in on the proposed location is that they are written and submitted by folks who actually do not even live in the area. Take note, folks: the addresses of those who write in screaming in support of the big-box giant store and its proposed location are in outlying areas. I guess we should ask Wally to put a huge, ugly, eyesore big box in their backyard. Yeah sure! I am totally confused on this whole issue. How many times does the issue have to get nixed by judges and the EIR’s before it is a final or done deal? Why do we have supervisors who go on for three months to only tell us that they were unaware of what was happening. (i.e. the bait-and-switch on Supervisor Jim Holmes)? This is hardly a time to play dumb. Why does Wally have 2 million female employees with lawsuits against them? Why did Wally finally cease on its plan to build adjacent to the famous Civil War battle site “The Wilderness”? Why do they go on trying to desecrate many national shrines with their ugly boxes? Why do they continue their many unfair practices? At what point in time will it become an issue of monopoly? Is monopoly now a fair and legal practice? Count the number of Wal-Mart big-box stores that we have in such a small radius. It is ridiculous. Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn