All things skateboarding come to Newcastle

By: Gloria Young Journal Staff Writer
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When Calvin Moman saw his son Jacob’s developing interest in skateboarding, he decided to get involved in the sport, too. So he started a skate team. When that proved to be a success, he took it another step and this weekend opened Moman Skate Shop in Newcastle. “There are not a lot of places in the Newcastle area for skateboarders to just hang out and skate, so this shop will be a positive place for them to come to stay off the streets and out of trouble,” Calvin Moman said in a press release. “I put the Moman Skate Team together initially to give these young people a constructive outlet for their skateboarding, and now opening the shop is the next phase of that. It’s a dream come true for me.” Calvin Moman has two partners in the venture — Amanda Cayton and Jeff Moman, his brother. The three are Auburn residents and members of the United Auburn Indian Community. Cayton is so enthusiastic about the project that she’s learning how to skateboard, too. “I longboard,” she said. This year’s skate team has eight members on traditional boards and seven girls on longboards, Cayton said. They range in age from 14 to 25. “The whole thing is about the kids and giving them a place to focus their energy,” she said. “To be on the team, we require good grades, courteous behavior and it’s a drug-free environment.” The shop sells traditional skateboards as well as longboards, plus the wheels, tracks and all the accessories to get them operational. There’s also clothing, helmets and pads. “It’s a one-stop shop for everything skateboarding,” she said. When choosing the inventory, they’re relying on team members to keep the store up to date on the latest skateboarding trends, Cayton said. A mini halfpipe takes up most of the back of the store. Skate team members pitched in to help build it. “The whole shop is to support our team,” Cayton said. “They come and skateboard here. Anyone who comes in can skateboard on the halfpipe for free.” The shop also offers lessons — individual and group — with prices ranging from $15 to $55 depending on complexity. For the grand opening Monday, 50 percent of sales for the day was donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Auburn. Currently the skate team, which travels to events around the state, is preparing for the next event. “Our next competition is May 14 down in Ripon,” Cayton said. “It’s the Central Valley Am Jam. We’ve sponsored the top prizes for the older kids. We have our skaters in it and we’ll be down there with a booth.” At the shop Tuesday, skate team members Josh Krakover and Chase Baker were practicing tricks on the half-pipe. Krakover, 22, said he’s been skateboarding for about 12 years. “I like to do a lot of tricks on rails or ledges,” he said. He likes having a shop where the team can practice. “First we have a ramp here,” he said. “Practically the second you get a board, you can practice.” Baker, a Roseville resident, has been skateboarding for more than four years. He estimates he spends four, five even six hours a day practicing. “I just got back from a skating trip,” he said. “The team sponsored me to go down to Los Angeles.” Jacob Moman, 15, a Placer High student, has been skateboarding for a year and a half. Currently he’s working on perfecting his varial heelflip. “I like the environment and the people,” he said. Reach Gloria Young at -------------------------------- Moman Skate Shop Where: 407 Main St., Newcastle Hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday – Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday Closed Sunday and Monday Website: Phone: (916) 663-9230