All those years ago ...

Memories as recorded in the pages of the Auburn Journal
By: Anne Papineau, Journal staff writer
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50 years ago -- June 1962
Bob Jordan buys home

Robert Jordan and family have purchased the Jack Klingensmith home at the corner of Marvin Way and Shields and are busy moving their household goods from Turlock to Auburn.
Jordan is the new superintendent at the Auburn Union Elementary School, a post he takes over on July 1.
The Jordan family had a little hard luck last Sunday when they were uploading some of their furniture from a trailer on their car. The trailer tipped over and the 8-year-old boy was cut about the head. He was rushed to the Highlands Hospital where 30 stitches were taken in the wound.
The Jordan-Klingensmith sale was made from a multiple listing placed with the Cliff Merriam Real Estate agency and the actual sale was made by the Brandon and Collins agency. The reported sale price was around $18,000.

Man drowned near Auburn
Sheriff?s deputies Monday night discontinued their search for the body of Levey Williams, 20, of Travis Air Force Base who was drowned Saturday evening near the American River bridge on State Highway 49.
Lt. Paul Norton, sheriff?s investigator, said Williams and a companion, Eugene V. Young, Jr., 19, of Vallejo were attempting to shoot the rapids on two air mattresses tied together.
Young told Norton that a fisherman shouted to them and they understood him to say there was a dam downstream. They then separated the raft and started toward shore, he said.
After reaching shore, Young said he turned and saw Williams go under the water as his air mattress floated downstream.

Koffee Kup adds ?Kopper Kettle? banquet room
The Koffee Kup, one of Auburn?s popular eating places, has added a private banquet room which will accommodate from 30 to 60 people.
The room has been named the ?Kopper Kettle? and is located at the rear of the restaurant. It is a completely new room and has been refinished in very attractive colors.
Bill and Virginia Burch, owners of the Koffee Kup, invite a personal inspection of the new room which is expected to be the meeting place for the Auburn Kiwanis Club on Wednesday evenings.

Pies and cakes reported stolen
Franklin S. Ziegenfuss of Auburn notified the sheriff?s office Monday that someone broke into his bread truck during the weekend and stole several pies and cakes.
Ziegenfuss said he left the truck parked at the Mobil Service Station at Train Village on S. Highway 40.

Placer County Civil Defense Information
By Dean T. Pratt
civil defense coordinator
Increase home food stocks
After a thermonuclear attack, a most difficult task of survivors will be that of obtaining food and water without overexposing themselves to fallout radiation. This fact emphasizes the importance of keeping on hand at least a two-week supply of food and water. This supply can mean the difference between life and death.
During emergencies, stored food and water should be used conservatively to prevent wasting them or exhausting them too rapidly. Your hot water heater is a good emergency source of water. If refrigeration or deepfreeze units become inoperable, the food in them should be used first.

Rancher in jail for routing gold seekers with gun
Roy E. Moul, 61, who got out his rifle and began shooting when he found Carl Miller of Sacramento and his son Donald Miller prospecting for gold in the Bear River, is in the county jail here in default of $3,150 bail following his arraignment before Judicial District Judge Verle Gray. He is charged with assault with a deadly weapon.
Sheriff Wayne Brown said the rancher admitted firing at the two men, who were operating a small dredge, which Moul cut adrift. Moul claims they were trespassing on his property.

June 2002 -- 10 years go

312 don cap and gown for graduation ceremony at Placer High School
Placer High School Class of 2002 seniors danced and sang their way into family and friends? hearts Saturday during their graduation ceremony at a packed LeFebvre Stadium.
Seniors April Jonas, Cherise McConner and Kali Fry danced to Celine Dion?s ?A New Day Has Come.?
The valedictorians were Zachary Aronowitz, Erin Brown, Rachel Carden, Danielle Del Balso, Lindsay Hermanson, Peter Lynch, Eric Martin, Nicole Martin, Heather Monsoor, Dylan Schneider, Jeffrey Westsmith and Brittany Yates.

Former 49er recalls his seven years in the NFL
He doesn?t miss the broken bones, concussion and cracked ribs he got playing football for the San Francisco 49ers, New York Giants and Kansas City Chiefs, but he?ll never forget his seven years in the NFL or the Superbowl he helped win in 1994.
Ted Popson, 35, retired from the sport and now resides in Auburn with his wife, Shannon. Although his life is a little less intense and not as public, as a loan officer with Premiere Mortgage located on Grass Valley Highway, he said he?s still part of a team made up of the best of the bests.

Racing pigeon found a mile away by neighbor
Despite a slight case of exhaustion, a prize-winning racing pigeon who had been missing for two days, was in good health when he was located nearly a mile from his Auburn home.
The bird, Loverboy, allegedly traveled 499 miles and became pooped just short of completing the weekend race. The bird?s owner, Auburn resident Bruce Smith, said he was overjoyed when he saw his pet napping in a neighbor?s barbecue Monday morning when he went to pick it up.

Plan for hip hop dance worries police
A hip hop event planned in Auburn has local lawmen concerned.
Granite Bay resident Jamie Ross asked Auburn Police officers to OK her charity fundraiser Friday to benefit the Auburn Boys & Girls Club, but was denied, only a week before the event was scheduled. As of Monday, plans were still not set in stone.
?We had a like event a little over a year ago and it turned out more like a rave-type event,? said Roseville Police Capt. Joel Neves. ?There was a pretty good-sized fight, about 75 or 100 people fighting.?