All Those Years Ago

By: Compiled Anne Papineau
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50 years ago in the Auburn Journal
Thursday, July 12, 1962
Elm Coin-Op Drycleaning plant grand opening set
Floyd Bailey will hold the grand opening of his new Elm Coin-Op Dry Cleaning plant on Friday and Saturday of this week. This new plant, which is located on Elm Street next to the Greyhound Bus depot and across the street from the county hospital will provide a place where people can take dry cleaning and place it in machines similar to the Dry Wash machines and have an entire load dry cleaned at the price of $2.
… The building housing the Elm Coin-Op Cleaning plant was constructed with local firms furnishing most of the materials and labor. Business firms participating included Auburn Lumber Co., Cliff Ball, Home Modernization, Ken Hash, Joe Chevreaux, Sierra Sheet Metal. Cliff Merriam insurance agency is in charge of insurance.
Escaped prisoner arrested in Auburn
Roscoe W. Scroggins, 35, of Auburn, was arrested by the police last Saturday and held on a warrant issued by Bakersfield police.
Hersch Young, Auburn police chief, said that Scroggins was wanted for a 1957 escape from the Bakersfield jail.

Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Foote, accompanied by their son and daughter-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Foote, enjoyed the Follies in Sparks, Nevada over the Fourth of July holiday.
Eden Valley News, by Mrs. Myrtle Boodt
Somethings wild have eaten the tomato vines in our garden to the ground and this plant must be their favorite for they have not eaten anything else. Today Priscilla and I had fresh carrots and chard, prepared within moments of the gathering of them. The beans that we so carefully strung a week or so ago already have young, tender fruit on them, and we shall be picking some soon.
Herbie Macy will be in the hospital another week. He is badly bruised and has a concussion, but his spleen is not as badly injured as first thought. A kidney was loosened, but that will mend with time. Herbie is fortunate to be alive after the hiking accident in the Shirttail Canyon.
Thursday, July 19:
Placer back phone merger as state hearing opens
Before a large audience of Placer County residents who unmistakably showed enthusiastic support of the plan to consolidate the six telephone exchanges from Applegate to Rocklin into one toll-free area, the California Public Utilities Commission hearing of the Pacific Telephone Company proposed to extend such service opened yesterday at the Lincoln Way School in Auburn. It will continue through Friday and is being conducted by Examiner William W. Dunlop.
The Wednesday morning session brought explanations of the company plan by two of its engineers, Marvin Schwartz and Irving T. Boss, who testified that the need of the growing Loomis Basin for better communication with the county seat is indisputable.
… After presenting a petition for approval of the company plan on which she said she had been gathering signatures since 6 a.m. yesterday, Mrs. Leona Kemmet, lecturer of Loomis Grange, H.E.C. chairman for the Loomis, Mt. Vernon and Long Valley Granges and vice president of the F.F.W. Auxiliary at Auburn, was cross-examined by Elinore Charles, commission attorney.
The interchange became lively, with Mrs. Kemmet insisting she was for the company plan as a whole, and was not going to be “pinned down” or “backed down” into favoring some parts of it more than others. At the end of her testimony, loud applause from the spectators brought an admonition by the examiner against demonstrations.
But the applause broke out again after Francis Lindsay testified for the company proposal, and curtly saying: “We’re not interested in answered attorney’s questions by any other plan.”
City fire chief urges burning of vacant lots
Fire Chief Henry Gietzen has requested the immediate cooperation of all Auburn residents who want lots burned by the Volunteer Fire Department during summer burn week.
Wells Fargo will open Auburn bank
Wells Fargo Bank will return to Auburn more than a century after its first office opened here during Gold Rush Days, when a new branch opens shortly before the end of this year.
The pioneer organization has leased space in a building now under construction in the Sierra-Elm shopping center. Customers will have general use of the center’s parking facilities. Address for the West’s oldest bank will be 455 Grass Valley Highway.
Man bitten by skunk takes Pasteur shots
Leonard Florence, 34, of Auburn has completed a series of 14 shots in the Pasteur treatment, after being bitten on June 24 by a pet skunk. When the animal became ill and died July 1, examination by the Placer County Health Department laboratory showed that death had been caused by rabies.
Dr. Richard White stated this week that the public should be made aware of the danger involved in keeping captured animals as pets.
~ Anne Papineau