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From the Auburn Journal, Nov. 22, 1962
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Tahoe girl kills father ‘to rescue her

A 16-year-old girl shot and killed her father at six o’clock Sunday night at Tahoe City after she heard her mother cry for help.
Linda Myrtle Sprague, 16, is being held in Placer County Juvenile Hall for the shooting of her father, Richard Junior Sprague, 40, a carpenter at Tahoe City, Placer County.
Present at the time of the shooting were the girl’s mother, Afton Myrtle Sprague, and her two brothers, Richard Daniel Sprague, 14, and Randy Joe Sprague, 9.
Sheriff William Scott said the victim had an argument about his car not starting in the morning and later, when the family was returning from church, they saw their father entering a bar. When he arrived home in the afternoon he was argumentative and demanded money and the keys to the family car.
Scott added Mrs. Sprague resisted the demands and Sprague became violent and had his wife down on a couch choking her when 16-year-old Linda came downstairs with a .22 rifle and fired a shot at her father. The shot entered his side and killed him.

Sprague’s body was taken to Quinn’s Sierra Chapel in Colfax.
Jury to decide Andreozzi’s fate
The jury which found Leroy Andreozzi guilty of murder in the first degree is now considering evidence that will determine whether the young killer will be executed in the gas chamber or face life imprisonment. After closing arguments from the Public Defender Fred Tuttle and prosecutor Joseph Dewald of the District Attorney’s Office, the jury was “locked up” to make the life or death decision.
Andreozzi was convicted of murdering 16-year-old Robert Vesci August 19 near Lake Theodore.
Andreozzi met his victim at Lake Theodore, where the boy was fishing after driving a few miles from the home of Mr. and Mrs. E. Lazzarini of Eden Valley, with whom he and his parents were visiting.
Andreozzi told deputy sheriffs he induced Vesci to go to another place where he promised better fishing, and shot him in the back with a .22 caliber rifle as they walked on a trail in the woods. He then fired two more shots into the prostrate form and buried the body in a crude shallow grave after taking the boy’s wallet and a knife. He then took the Vesci car and fled to Portland, Oregon, where a girl friend and priest induced him to return and confess to sheriff’s officers here. He drove the expensive car at speeds up to 90 mph to Auburn, after telephone Sheriff William Scott that he was en route. Andreozzi has insisted that he shot the boy on impulse alone.
Peter F. Bequette, audio visual teacher at Placer Union High School, testified that during the time Andreozzi helped with movie projection equipment, he had never given him any problem.
1962 Christmas
season starts Friday in Auburn

Santa Claus will arrive at Central Square in Auburn promptly at 7  o’clock Friday evening.
Placerans buy
Savings Bonds, says report

“Every citizen has an opportunity to back his country through the purchase of U.S. Savings Bonds,” Volunteer Placer County Savings Bonds Chairman Paul Claiborne reported here today in his monthly release on bond sales in the county and Northern California.
“October sales of both Series E and the current-income Series H Savings Bond in this county totaled $47,744,” the chairman revealed.
Locker plant is sued by local woman
A local locker plant and ten of its employees have been named in a $25,000 personal injury suit filed in superior court this week. Arlene Murch of Auburn brought a complaint against Don Halveson, owner of the Auburn Locker Plant, and “Doe one through ten,” because of injuries allegedly received when she was struck on the head, neck and shoulders by packages of frozen meat, which she says fell on her.
Negligence is charged by Mrs. Murch, who requested an unstipulated amount for medical expense, not yet determined.
Student nurses
sponsor shoot

Student vocational nurses of Sierra College will sponsor a turkey, ham and bacon shoot Sunday one-half mile above Meadow Vista. All ranges will be in operation, with trap shooting, big bore, small bore, pistol shooting and archery.
One feature will be “luck shots” for small bore and pistol, which are always popular.
Hunter gets buck without firing a shot
“Tip” Banks, service manager for Smart Motor Company, was driving to work from his Meadow Vista home one day this week, when a deer was struck by the pickup in front of his car.
Banks stopped, intending to help the driver remove the carcass from the freeway, but found his services unwanted.
“I’ve tramped all over Placer, Nevada and Sierra counties for three weeks and this is the first buck I’ve seen in that time,” the pickup driver told Banks, as he pulled a deer tag from his pocket, marked it, tossed the three-pointer into his vehicle, and sped on towards Sacramento.
Kids to watch TV as parents crowd alleys
After this week, Auburn area family heads who are bowling enthusiasts will not have to hire baby sitters when they indulge in their sport at Foothills Bowl.
Owner Carroll Hammer is installing a special room, with television, where children will be entertained while mom or pop, or both, are on the lanes.
One bedroom cottage nestled among the Oaks. Hardwood floors, stone fireplace. Outstanding View of the American River and high Sierras. Will also overlook the lake when Auburn Dam is completed.  1 Acre of land, with room for another home with equal view. PRICE $15,500.
~ Compiled by
Anne Papineau