All those years ago...

From the pages of the Auburn Journal, Dec. 6, 1962
By: Compiled by Anne Papineau
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Christmas lights theft reported in Meadow Vista
The first Christmas theft of the season was reported yesterday when a Meadow Vista resident reported to the sheriff’s office that someone had been stealing his Christmas tree lights.
Francis W. Tremblay complained that a thief had been taking his lights from outdoor Christmas decorations at the rate of 20 a night for the last two nights.
Sheriff’s officers are investigating the thefts.
Andreozzi trial ends in emotional upset
In what was his day in Placer County court, Leroy Andreozzi, convicted murder of 16-year-old Robert Vesci on Thursday, was sentenced to prison in Superior Court and whisked away to the California Medical Facility at Vacaville for classification and further transfer. Andreozzi had attempted to hang himself with a strip of toweling the night before and had been screamed at by his victim’s mother and brother, who attempted to reach him as he left the courtroom after sentencing.
Events leading up to his sentencing to life imprisonment started on Aug. 19 at a fishing spot in a wooded lake area known as Lake Theodore, near Clipper Gap, where he met young Vesci and subsequently shot him in the back of the head, killing him.
By his own testimony it was shown that he then took the young boy’s convertible and drove to Oregon and back before turning himself in to the Placer County Sheriff’s office.

Throughout the investigation and trial it appeared that the young killer did not want to escape the gas chamber. He told Sheriff’s Deputies that he “wanted to get it over with” and when the jury returned a verdict of life imprisonment he was heard to say “What did those stupid people do that for?”
Placer S & L to move to new home Dec. 20
The Placer Savings and Loan Association will formally open its new $300,000 home in Auburn’s Central Square on Dec. 20, it was announced today by Paul Claiborne, who has been president and manager of the association since it was organized in 1946.
… The new building, constructed by Lardner & Lardner, is a two story steel and concrete structure at the corner of Lincoln Way and High Street, which integrates esthetic style with functional efficiency to give Auburn one of the most striking business buildings of its size to be seen anywhere.

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Free show for kiddies Dec. 14
Children of elementary school age and younger are invited to the 32nd annual Free Kiddie Show to be presented at the State Theatre on Friday, Dec. 14th. Sponsored by the Auburn Lions, State Theatre and Auburn Journal, two free shows will be held this year. Each child will be given a free bag of candy.
Byron Berkley, manager of the State Theatre, has arranged an excellent program which will include a feature picture: “The Lone Ranger” with Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels, who plays the role of Tonto. Four cartoons especially selected will round out the two hour program.
… The Lions will meet at the Ray Shull home on Thursday evening, Dec. 13th to sack more than 3,000 bags of candy which will be distributed.
No suspect in mystery slaying
Placer County authorities are investigating another murder of an out-of-county man this week after the body of Frank C. Villalobos, Sacramento tavern owner, was found Sunday at 3:30 with three bullet holes in it.
The body was discovered by Homer Barandum, foreman of a ranch owned by County Supervisor Thomas E. Doyle, on Walerga Road south of Roseville near the Sacramento County line.
Sheriff William Scott put the case on a “crash” basis Sunday evening and investigation has been conducted on a 24-hour basis since.
Antonio Borba party corrections
Several names were inadvertently omitted from the listing of guest attending the ninetieth birthday part of Antonio Borba.
Attending the affair were Mr. Joe Snider, Lee Moffett, William Beck and George Ferriera. Names omitted from the listing of those unable to attend but represented in the gift television were Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cattani and Mr. William Shifton.
TV set stolen from motel by tourist
A television thief driving a Thunderbird was reported to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office by the Foothills Motel at Train Village Monday.
Motel manager Wally Powers said the man registered under the name of John Overcash and represented himself as an auditor of a grocery chain. He was driving a late model Thunderbird with a Colorado license number.
… The thief did not pay for the night’s lodging.
Mike Claytor home from trip abroad
Mike Claytor
, son of Mrs. and Mrs. Roy Claytor, returned to Auburn in late November from a European trip which took him through 10 countries.
The youth, who will return to his studies in February at San Francisco State College, where he is majoring in English literature, estimated that his entire trip cost $1,000, including $550 for air travel both ways.
… Upon arrival in Luxembourg, he purchased a motor scooter and used it to travel from hostel to hostel. He spent the final month, however, traveling via Volkswagen with an American acquaintance, John Hicks, 24, an architect from Philadelphia. They found gasoline quite expensive, selling for as much as 70 cents a gallon.
… Until he returns to school in February, the young traveler will be employed by the Auburn Plumbing Company.
Transient’s body found in Dry Creek
An unidentified man was found drowned in Dry Creek near Roseville Saturday after a Southern Pacific policeman had reported a disturbance in the “hobo jungle” on PFE Road.
According to sheriff’s officers, there were no signs of violence, and it was assumed the victim was suffering from overindulgence and had fallen into the creek and drowned.
This pigeon knows kindness of local trio
The kind hearts of people are often demonstrated in the care given to other than humans.
Ray Shull and his assistant Jim Flanagan and Bud Ganow who operate Shull’s Used Car lot on Highway 49 near the Palm Market have been “Nurse Maids” to a homing pigeon.
They found the pigeon which had a wing injury wandering about their lot and promptly took the bird into the office, prepared a warm cardboard box, some feed and water and by examination of the marking tag on the leg found the bird was owned by George King in Modesto.
The pigeon had been a member of a flock which had been released in the mountains for the return home.
Result of the kindness of Shull, Flanagan and Ganow, the injured pigeon is being shipped by Greyhound Stage to his home in Modesto.