All those years ago ... Feb. 14, 1963

By: Anne Papineau,
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From the pages of the Auburn Journal ...

Disaster areas declared
Placer County is among five Northern California counties that have been declared disaster areas as a result of the recent heavy rains and runoffs.
Gov. Edmund G. Brown, who issued the declaration, has appealed to President Kennedy for Federal disaster designations, which at this writing were still under study.
The Brown disaster declaration permits counties to apply for relief funds to cover damage to public property. Until the Federal disaster declaration is announced, private property owners may not apply for relief.
County Works Director John Maccoun said Placer County sustained an estimated $100,000 damage to public property, mostly roads and bridges. The Colfax-Iowa Hill Bridge is expected to be repaired within a month.

Lloyd Beggs in hospital
Lloyd Beggs
of Auburn entered the Sutter Hospital in Sacramento Monday.
He is scheduled to undergo tests to determine whether or not surgery will be necessary to alleviate a condition which has been troubling him for a long time.
His many friends hope he will soon be well enough to return to his post as news editor of the Auburn Journal.

Bid exceeds four million on freeway
A low bid of $4,557,776 was received by the California Division of Highways for paving the new Interstate 80 (US 40) freeway over Donner Summit in eastern Nevada County.
R.A. Westbrook, Inc. and Morrison-Knudsen Co., Inc. of Sacramento were lowest of eight bidders, according to highway officials at the Marysville district offices.
The 10-1/2 mile project will include placement of subbase and base material prior to surfacing with cement or concrete. The four-lane divided facility will connect with completed freeway sections at each end – at Soda Springs on the west, and near Donner Lake on the east.

Planners approve projects
Plans for two big construction projects in the Auburn area were approved by the Placer County Planning Commission last Friday.
The commission gave the green light to the Train Development Company for an estimated $300,000 expansion at the Foothills Motel in Train Village.
Pat Train said the expansion program will call for installation of a restaurant, cocktail lounge, coffee shop and a motel lobby and offices.
The planning commission also approved the plans of D.E. Matson Forest Products, Inc. to erect a sawmill and wood manufacturing plant on a 77-acre parcel near Luther Road in the Bowman region.
The project is expected to cost about $300,000. Fifty men will be employed at the Matson plant.

Debris causes boating hazard
A huge accumulation of debris from the recent storm now covering more than 1,000 surface acres continues to create a serious boating hazard on Folsom Lake, the Division of Beaches and Parks reported.
The larger rafts of logs and debris are easily visible …
Due to the hazards involved, water skiing and speed boating are in violation of state laws regarding safe boating practices, the Park Division stated.

Tom Chamberlain counsel in estate trial
Thomas G. Chamberlain
, a New York attorney and brother of T.L. Chamberlain of Auburn, is a counsel in a widely publicized law action which involves members of the Rockefeller family in New York.
Chamberlain represents the adopted children of Muriel McCormick Hubbard, deceased granddaughter of John D. Rockefeller.
One of the main points at issue in the trial, now before the court, is whether or not adopted children may inherit, under the terms of the will of John D. Rockefeller.

Fowler adds appliance electrician
M.E. Fowler
, who owns  Fowler’s TV and Appliance business at 922 Lincoln Way in Auburn, announced the addition of Blaine Flanagan to his staff of experts.
Flanagan is an experienced electrical appliance repairman and will devote all of his time to the service and repair of appliances of all makes. He will specialize in washer, dryers, ironers as well as all small household appliances. Calls will be made to the home and office when required.

Stay with your wash
John K. Morris
, supervisor of instruction for the Placer County School Department, learned a lesson himself last week.
Frankly speaking, it is a lesson that can only be learned the hard way: don’t toss your soiled clothes into a laundromat washer and then run errands.
Morris told Auburn Policeman Courtney Arbogast that he did just that last Friday. When he returned to the Cleveland Avenue laundromat, he discovered that some thief on the shorts had made off with his wet wash – mostly scivvies and socks.
Police Chief Herschel Young said such petty thefts are not uncommon. He urged laundromat users to stay on the premises during the washing and drying of their things.

~ Compiled by Anne Papineau