All those years ago ... May 9, 1963

By: Compiled by Anne Papineau
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From the pages of the Auburn Journal, May 9, 1963

Sports car theft gang smashed
A slick operating ring of sports car thieves who used the American River Canyon in Auburn as its hideout was smashed by the Placer County Sheriff’s Department last Friday.
Sheriff’s officers, who worked with State highway patrolmen on the case, arrested three 19-year-old youths who were supplementing their incomes by stealing Corvettes in Sacramento, stripping them in the Auburn area, and selling the expensive parts anywhere they could find buyers.
Booked for car theft and later turned over to Sacramento County authorities were Allen Lee Wildhaber of Lincoln, a house painter; Charles Clayton Garnett of Sacramento; a service station attendant; and John Michael O’Sullivan, also of Sacramento, an unemployed motorcycle rider.

Need for divide road told to county board
Stockton Box Company, with an annual payroll of about $1 million, and most of which is spent in the Auburn area, will leave Placer County unless better roads are constructed to carry its lumber out of timberlands.
So spoke Carl Palmer, president of the Placer County Chamber of Commerce, Tuesday as he made an eloquent plea to the board of supervisors for support in obtaining funds for the proposed loop road from Mosquito Ridge across the American River’s Middle Fork to Ralston Ridge and then up to French Meadows and Soda Springs.
Palmer explained that such a project would require at least $1,700,000, adding that anticipated Federal forestry funds for it have all but failed to materialize.

Bulk of dam workers will be hired locally
The Placer County Water Project will necessitate the employment of as many as 1,500 workers and it appears that the bulk of them will be hired from this area.
Officials of Kaiser Engineers said most of the labor will be recruited through the Auburn headquarters of the Construction and General Laborers Union.
Some 50 applications for carpentry and basic labor jobs have been received by he union, according to Robert Sanders, assistant business agent of the local.
Men specializing in such crafts as operating engineering and steel work will probably be hired out of various other union hiring halls in Sacramento.

Upstream boat traffic halted
Boat traffic upstream beyond the narrows on the North Fork of the American River is impossible, since a boom was placed across the area to preclude further debris from coming into the lake during the spring runoffs.

Couple makes many mistakes over two rakes
It will be a long time before Paul and Karen Reaves of Hayward ever forget their first visit to Auburn.
After all, it isn’t every day that you can get insulted by two mean drunks, get your pet poodle punches – and then roll over in your sports car.
As Highway Patrol Sergeant Harry Grieb put tit:
“If I hadn’t been in on some of the action I’d find the whole tale awfully hard to believe.”
Here’s what happened:
It was 4 p.m last Friday and the young married couple had just finished their coffee at the Foothills Bowl. As they got in their little car – with Karen behind the wheel – the two men staggered out of the restaurant and made an off-color remark about the Reaves’ choice of an automobile.
Karen told them to “shut up”! The men got louder and one of the louts had the nerve to punch Karen’s miniature poodle!
Well, that did it! Karen, who is 22 and very pretty, spotted Sergeant Grieb and CHP Cadet Louis Jay LaBonte in their squad car. So she drove over to get help.
Sergeant Grieb suggested that he and the young couple mosey down Highway 40 and try to find the villains. This was fine with Karen.
However, the whole scene had been too much for her. She lost control of her little car. It jumped the traffic island and flipped, tossing Paul and Karen out on the road. They wound up being treated for minor hurts at Highland General Hospital.
Sergeant Grieb said he will continue his relentless search for the foul-mouthed brutes.

Couple celebrates 63 years of marriage
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coy
, a couple who attended school together from the time they were 7 years old, celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary on April 28th at a party held at Griffin Rest Home where they have been living for the past year. They were married in Chicago in 1900, moved to Southern California in 1918 and have lived in Northern California since 1928. They had two children and have seven grandsons and two granddaughters. Mrs. Lloyd Hubbard of Auburn, a granddaughter, made a decorated wedding cake for the couple which was served to all guests at the Griffin Home.
~ Compiled by Anne Papineau