All you need is a passport and a camera

Auburn photographer captures memories during Europe trip Auburn photographer captures memories during Europe trip
By: Kim Palaferri, Special to the Journal
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It has always been a dream of mine to ride a scooter through the hills of Tuscany, Italy. It’s the No. 1 item to check off my list of “One day I’m gonna do that.” So when I received a plane ticket as a gift, I knew I was in for an adventure of a lifetime. I took eight months to plan and save for my 16-day trip, with visits to Rome, Cinque Terre’s Vernazza and Monterosso, Milan, Pisa, Florence, Sienna and Venice, ending with a day in Paris. What I found was that even though my dream was to ride a scooter in Tuscany, it necessarily wasn’t the highlight of my journey. I also found that traveling to Europe was not as difficult as I had always imagined, and I had actually over-budgeted my trip. One of my fondest experiences was meeting people from Italy and Paris, and that they were genuine and kind-hearted who were so helpful as soon as I arrived in Europe. Getting lost is easy to do in foreign countries, but getting help with directions was just as easy. I traveled from each city by the Eurail train system, and when in the cities took mostly public transportation or walked to many of the places I wanted to see and photograph. Turning corners in Italy exposed new landscapes for me to capture in my camera. I visited a dozen churches including Santa Maria Maggiore and St. Peter’s Church in Rome; photographing all what I could. I made sure I threw a coin in the famous Trevi Fountain making my wish too, but sure I captured it with my camera as well. I traveled to the picturesque villages of Cinque Terre with its colors brilliant as the people, rode a scooter through Tuscany also drank Champagne in St. Mark’s Square and the saw the Eiffel Tower. In all I shot nearly 4,000 photographs on my adventure in Italy and Paris, something I’ll be sure to do again. Kim Palaferri is a local photographer who freelances for the Auburn Journal. In the know What: “The World Through My Eyes” photography by Kim Palaferri When: Now through end of September Where: Depoe Bay Coffee Co., 893 High St., Auburn