Allard will hit ground running

Reader Input
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Of the many candidates that are running for the District 4 Assembly seat, there is one whose experience makes him the clear choice. John Allard’s many years as State Sen. Tim Leslie’s senior aide have prepared him to immediately have a significant and important impact in Sacramento. John’s highly respected service to the citizens of Roseville as a council member has shown him to be a true leader in championing the causes for a vital and vibrant local community. John is a small business owner who has experienced first-hand the struggles of providing a payroll during this difficult economy. He also has an appreciation of how government through regulation and taxation can hamper economic growth. California is in very dire condition. It is critical that we send a proven strong leader to the capital who is ready to hit the ground running. I strongly encourage you to choose the only candidate with significant experience and the one that has proven himself worthy, John Allard. WAYNE NADER, Auburn