Alleged conman facing judge, loss of house

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A Lake of the Pines alleged conman could lose his home Friday and will be facing a judge soon. William Lawson Campbell, who was 64 when he was arrested in October, is facing 29 felony counts. Campbell allegedly took over $650,000 from 50 victims, according to Sgt. Steve Tripp at the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office. Tripp said some victims have chosen not to be involved in the court case. Jamie Hogenson, deputy district attorney for the Nevada County District Attorney’s Office, said the office submitted an amended criminal complaint, which changes Campbell’s counts from 78 to 29, one broad count for each alleged victim. Campbell is scheduled for a felony conference at 1 p.m. April 7 in the Nevada City courthouse. “I expect the case will be either set for preliminary hearing or (it will be) resolving with a change of a plea at the next court date,” Hogenson said. “Cases like these really take a long time because there are boxes of papers.” Campbell’s house is scheduled to be auctioned at 12:30 p.m. Friday at the main entrance of the Nevada City courthouse on Church Street, according to Agency Sales and Posting. According to the company, the house’s sale amount is set for $364,526. Attempts to contact Campbell over several months have been unsuccessful. ~Bridget Jones