Alleged extortionist was not male stripper, detective says

By: Bridget Jones, Journal Staff Writer
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A local college and high school football star charged with extortion was not a part of the male strippers group he allegedly linked to prostitution. Auburn Police officers arrested Chad Richard Mowry, 26, of Rocklin, July 29 after he allegedly approached an Auburn woman and claimed he knew prostitution was going on in her home. Mowry allegedly told the woman, whose name is being held because she is a victim, that he was a law enforcement officer and he could make any potential charges disappear. According to Detective Adam Cline with the Auburn Police Department, the woman had male strippers visiting her home from Sacramento. “She lives in Auburn,” Cline said. “They were coming up here.” Cline declined to comment on how long the male strippers had been visiting the Auburn resident’s home, but said Mowry was not a stripper himself. Another man, Anthony Fletcher, 25, was arrested the same day as Mowry for possession of drugs, but was not involved in the extortion charges. Fletcher knew the Auburn woman and Mowry, and Mowry knew of the woman through Fletcher, Cline said. Cline declined to comment on whether or not Fletcher was involved in the male stripping. The woman has not been arrested, and Cline said the department has no reason to charge her for prostitution at the moment. “The only time you are going to get in trouble is if sexual prostitution is going on,” Cline said. According to court documents, Mowry is charged with first-degree residential burglary, extortion by fear of force, attempted extortion, attempted grand theft by false pretense and impersonation of a public officer, investigator or inspector, all felonies. Mowry is also being charged with the special allegation of burglary with a non-accomplice in the residence. According to the court documents, Mowry allegedly tried to take more than $400 from the Auburn resident. Mowry was a starting middle linebacker in 2003 and 2004 at Sierra College. He is a Del Oro High School graduate, where he also excelled at football. In a previous Journal report, Jeff Tisdel, head football coach for Sierra College, said Mowry had a lot of friends on the team and was very loyal to the program. Mowry’s teams didn’t lose a game during the years he played. Mowry is scheduled for an early status conference at 8:30 a.m. Dec. 17 in Auburn’s Placer County Jail courtroom. Cline said the department notified the Placer County District Attorney’s Office of three other potential co-defendants in the case. According to Prosecutor Lisa Botwinik, the District Attorney’s Office is not adding any co-defendants to the case at this time. Reach Bridget Jones at