Allow citizens to sell kidneys

Reader Input
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I could talk for hours about the myriad ways your government has destroyed the health care in this country, but I would like to mention just one aspect that gets absolutely no mention in the public debate. Every year thousands of people die because they are unable to secure a healthy kidney replacement in time and thousands more are relegated to years of costly dialysis. The waiting time to receive a kidney transplant is around five years. The shortage is due to the fact that patients can only receive donated kidneys, either from the deceased or an extremely rare and charitable living individual. Because it is a crime to voluntarily trade one’s organ for another’s money we have a constant under-supply of kidneys. Were this a free country, individuals in need of a kidney could easily purchase one from a willing seller. Poor individuals incapable of buying a kidney could still receive a donated one just as they do now, but also with the help of charitable organizations footing the bill. Some people find the idea of marketing organs barbaric, but is it any more barbaric than allowing thousands of preventable deaths every year? Seth King, Bowman