Allow home rule for Auburn

Reader Input
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As a 12-year resident of Robie Point (although I now live in North Auburn and cannot vote on Auburn matters), I strongly endorse a yes vote on Measure A (Home Rule for Auburn) and here’s why. I am weary of Auburn being held hostage by a dysfunctional state legislature. Hank Gonzales, representing the opposition to Measure A, argues, “… independent review would have shown Measure A to be a grab bag for out-of-town special interests” (Point/Counterpoint, April 6). That is exactly the point of Measure A! We are already a grab bag for out-of-town special interests … the kind that are funding the very opposition that Hank and his cronies represent. And holding up (City of) Bell as an example? You can’t ring that one anymore. For every Bell, there are dozens of thriving charter cities in California, much better off with local rule. This is our chance, folks … yes on Measure A. Wayne Manning, North Auburn