Allow US oil to meet our needs

Reader Input
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I am both encouraged and discouraged by the folks who traveled to Washington D.C. to voice opinions about the proposed Canadian gas line (Journal, Aug. 29). They exercised their Second Amendment rights but their efforts are misguided. The problem is not a Canadian gas line crossing the U.S., but the restrictions on U.. oil exploration. There is more than enough shale oil in Wyoming and Utah, more than enough oil in the continental U.S. to compensate for that oil. The problem is that two federal agencies are working at cross purposes, the EPA and the Department of Energy. Sadly enough, these good folks have bought into the global warming fraud. They mistakenly believe that green energy can replace fossil fuels. How many green energy companies have gone bankrupt in recent months? How many have moved overseas? By developing U.S. oil production we can control if not eliminate environmental damage. We can cut the cost of oil products. We can produce good, well-paying, long-term jobs that are badly needed in the U.S. Write to our senators. Tell them to get off the party wagon and come back to reality. Use our oil to meet our needs, employ Americans and restart the economy. Wayne F. Davis, Rocklin