Allow Vick one more chance

Reader Input
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Re: “Vick can forget dog ownership,” (Reader Input, Jan. 6): I personally don’t think Michael Vick should have another dog. However, legally I believe this answer might be different. Michael Vick served his time and did what was asked of him. The courts could rule that he should only be allowed to have a dog under certain conditions. Some of these conditions being: 1. He should only be allowed to own one dog; 2. He should only have a certain breed. This would have to be determined by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or another animal protection agency. 3. Have an organization like the ASPCA come to his house once a week and monitor how he is doing with the dog. Vick would have to pay for this with his own money. 4. He would have to take some sort of class on how to properly take care of a dog. I read that Michael Vick is helping the Humane Society on an anti-dogfighting campaign. Although what he did was terrible, in our society people are allowed another chance. JOSH MATTHEWS, student, Auburn