Alpine Team is back and dominating High School racing

By: Reva Brandt, Gold Country Media
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The success of Colfax's Varsity Ski Team is due to the performance of: Nicole Bajka, Allison Gutierrez, Stephanie Scott, Brianna Nietsch, Bret Hammann, Dillon Laidlaw, Max Schopfer and Ross Thomson. Congratulations to Max Schoper for his two first place finishes at Sugar Bowl and Northstar in Slalom. Schoper blew his competitors' away by 2 seconds with a combined time of 1:23.22. Brianna Nietsch shreds as fast as a sneeze and won the Slalom race at Northstar and placed 3rd at Sugar Bowl with a combined time of 1:31.98. Brett Hammann and Scott both placed in the top 15 in Slalom at Northstar while Thomson, Gutierrez and Bajka all received top 20 place finishes at Sugar Bowl's January 14th SL race. Colfax Alpine Team has qualified for States and coaches Jeff Scott and Reva Brandt are thrilled to have such an animated team and supporting parents.