America – Just don’t call it free

Reader Input
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This letter is in response to the Oct. 22 article titled “Unlicensed contractor nabbed at 49 Fire site.” Here is a man, Jeff Scott, who is facing felony charges and potentially three years in prison for working without a license. Welcome to America. You can call us fascist, or statist, or oppressive, but please do not call us free. Jeff Scott is not being charged for theft, or violating his contract with the homeowner, or any other acts of aggression, but for not groveling to the state for permission to work. He is going to be yet another victimless criminal sentenced to a cold steel and concrete cage. Three years, I might add, when we read just the other week a man who raped a woman and ran away with her car will get a mere seven years. Justice in America. It’s these sorts of things that are rekindling the liberty movement in this country. Not racism, not partisanship, just oppression. And sadly, I don’t have much hope for dismantling our state apparatchik at the ballot box. It’s most likely going to have to come from civil disobedience, from simply refusing to acknowledge or respect the tyrannical mandates of the state. Seth King, Bowman