America being bankrupted

Reader Input
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What? A $600 billion price tag for health insurance and that money to pay for it is coming from where? Oh wait ... I just bought a $1 million home but I have no money and no idea how to pay for it. Let’s see! Our deficit is now $1.1 trillion and the national debt is $11.4 trillion. The idea of making health insurance companies pay fees is a defunct idea from the beginning unless you force them to pay the fees which means health insurance companies will exit the health insurance business in droves. Our out-of-control spending is devaluating the dollar on the international stage and countries like China, who by the way own a huge chunk of our debt, are more and more reluctant to keep our dollar afloat. And Congress is going to solve our economic woes in America? You got to be kidding. The inept leaders of the Congress (Pelosi), Senate (Reid) and the so-called White House economic advisors are blindingly rushing this country to bankruptcy. Adrian Peterson, Cool