American public lives in denial

Reader Input
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Subject: Plenty of money for wars and fat cats, no money for health care. I find it so sad and pathetic that this country spends trillions of dollars on wars and bailing out fat cat bankers and financiers, but we don’t have the money to help our less fortunate get health care. Shame on this government! We are constantly bombarded with corporate propaganda trumpeted from the overwhelming majority of talk radio stations, all owned by corporations beholden to the likes of big pharmaceutical and the insurance companies. Shame on the greedy oligarchs who control the airwaves and the politicians who divert our tax dollars to overseas wars and corporate welfare. The conservative pundits make up a pack of talking points and get many people to believe we’re headed for “socialized medicine” and “death panels” and rationed health care. People, wake up and realize your gasoline really costs $25 a gallon when you factor in the cost of the wars we fight and pay for the benefit of the oil companies. Wake up and realize our health care is already rationed and you already pay a hidden tax for our broken health care system, a tax on everything you buy. Quit believing the propaganda and realize you’ve been duped and then vote out the corrupt politicians instead of re-electing them for the umpteenth time. Norm Hinman, Auburn