American River ideal plaza theme

Reader Input
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If there is to be a theme or focal point for the Streetscape plaza as a way to draw visitors to Auburn, I like the idea of having our wild and scenic American River/Canyon as the focal point. The Native American Indians made their homes along this river. It was the American River in which gold was discovered in 1848, which led to the Gold Rush after which Auburn was shortly thereafter founded. Today the American River/Canyon features the Western States Trail and runs through the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, connecting us to the mountains. The river is a recreational draw for equestrians, cyclists, runners, hikers, whitewater rafters and kayakers, artists, naturalists, photographers, gold panners, bird watchers, swimmers, and for camping, fishing, picnicking and family outings. When I talk with people about why they should visit Auburn, I tell them about the American River/Canyon and all the recreational opportunities it provides for many different types of outdoor activities. I think that if you were to attract people that pass through Auburn to this plaza and made them aware of our jewel that is a short drive from Downtown and Old Town, that they would decide to check it out right then or maybe next time they pass through. Also, Iā€™m sure some beautiful artwork could be made depicting the American River/Canyon, maybe something with running water. Teresa Kenworthy, Auburn