Americans lack critical thinking

Reader Input
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This letter is in response to Paulette Walter of Colfax (Reader Input, June 17) where she felt her romantic view of Paul Revere had been ruined by Sarah Palin. Paulette, unfortunately, is a big part of the problem we face in America today. She never went to the library or to a computer to do five minutes’ worth of research on what Sarah Palin had said. She just simply took our media and any news source she reads as the truth. Paul Revere and the founders stood against the oppressive big-government British empire, because they desired freedom, not tyranny. Sadly, Paulette, as well as many Americans, never learned that Paul Revere recounted from his own mouth that he had been captured by the British and actually tried to dissuade the British from advancing. Paul Revere warned that he had roused a local militia of up to 500 or more armed citizens that would repel the British. The church bells were ringing, and warning shots were being fired as well. If Paul Revere and the founders were alive today and stood against what they were seeing in the nation they founded they would be vilified, ridiculed and many arrested by a deceived nation. Paulette might even lead the charge! Too many in America are watching their nation fall apart right before their eyes and have no idea why! Many in America have become blind. They lack critical thinking. They trust a big government media complex that filters news and deceives an entire nation. Wake up, America. You are about to lose your nation. You’re blind and you’re unable to see.Those who are trying to warn you are now being vilified. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge!” Where was that said? Look it up! TOM BAEHR, Weimar