Americans: The new enslaved

Reader Input
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Government takeover of health care is a step toward slavery for Americans. I am watching gangsters masquerading as our government taking steps to force us to purchase a product, (health insurance), that many of us do not want as well as submit to regular evaluations by government-approved “experts.” The threat is that if we refuse, we will be punished with a huge fine and ultimately imprisoned if we continue to refuse to participate in a program that we don’t want anything to do with. I believe it is safe to say that confiscation of private property will not be left off the table either. Does this sound like freedom to you? Obama and many members of Congress, (without citing any constitutional authority) are seeking to control every aspect of our lives and to punish us if we do not comply. If you don’t think that slavery can happen in modern America, think again. They are taking complete control of banking, manufacturing, the stock market, health care and the freedom to choose how we donate our time. In the end, we will all be the slaves of the elite masters in the government. Don’t sit back and trust that someone else will make sure these things won’t happen. Get off your rear-end and tell Congress that you don’t want America to be a socialist nation. DALE MORGAN, Foresthill