Amgen puts Auburn on special map

Reader Input
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I think that we will look back at these past few weeks 20 years or so from now, and see that the recent Amgen adventure was one of the most significant events to occur in Auburn in a very long time. We can’t really calculate the future benefits from here, but we can see that the possibilities are enormous. It wasn’t really about any economic impact on that particular Sunday, although upticks are great and downticks are no fun. It is more about profiling Auburn as a place where such world-class spectacles can be witnessed first-hand. People will come to see the Amgen Tour and Olympic-quality whitewater competition. And more will discover the already internationally known ultra-running and equine events. If we have the will to really promote these and other such events over the next few years, we will experience an unparalleled prosperity. Should the Amgen folks choose to make Auburn a starting or stopping stage, it would be worth millions for just those two or three days. That, folks, is a rising tide that lifts all ships. And even if we remain just a pass-through, it still puts Auburn on the world stage of cycling. Thanks to all those community leaders who had the vision to make this happen. Ya done good. Wayne Manning, Auburn