Anarchy has a champion

Reader Input
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Re: “America – Just don’t call it free,” (Reader Input, Oct. 25). Mr. (Seth) King finds it “Fascist,” “statist” and “oppressive” that an unlicensed contractor was busted for working without a license. According to Mr. King, the fact this perpetrator of “victimless crime” may face prison time proves there is no freedom in America. Right on, Mr. King. And the nerve of the government sending people who drive or practice law without a license to jail. What an impingement on our personal freedoms! Who are they hurting, really? And I assume Mr. King is in favor of amnesty for all illegal aliens. Why should they apply for citizenship? Just another government-imposed Hitler-esque requirement on the road to Socialism. And while we’re at it, let’s remove the requirement of a license to practice medicine. Any red-blooded American with a stethoscope and a power drill should be able to perform surgery as long as he gets his patient’s consent. Any move to regulate it is just another move by Big Brother to enslave us. If Mr. King thinks working as an unlicensed contractor is a “victimless crime” he should ask the Department of Consumer Affairs how many people have been ripped off and bilked out of thousands of dollars by unlicensed contractors. Mr. King does not champion freedom. He champions anarchy. Paul Berger, Auburn