Animals add to charm of Loomis

Reader Input
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To Ms. Kathleen Giel who complained about Cindy Walden and her pets (Journal, Jan. 6); you have lived there two years? Cindy Walden has had her property for 24 years. The tract house that you are in was built around her property, not the other way around. There are those of us who are so tired of hearing the “newbies” complain when they move into a new area and then decide they don’t like the goats, the cows, the horses, the speed limits, the chickens. It is always something. If you don’t like it, Ms. Giel, then please, feel free to move. Your complaint was that a chicken coop was 25 feet from your property. It isn’t on your property so stop complaining. You say that “animal keeping ordinances are what keep Loomis a charming family-oriented community.” Wrong! What keeps Loomis a rural community is the fact that if you have the property you can have the very pets that Ms. Walden has. Let’s hope that the Loomis council finds in Ms. Walden’s favor as, after all, it is her property. Ms. Giel should not be able to tell someone else that animals have to be removed because Ms. Giel doesn’t like a chicken coop or (pet) igloo 25 feet from her property. What I would also like to know Ms. Giel is: Do you have children? Do they play in the street? Is there an unsightly basketball hoop in your driveway? Do you leave your cars parked in the driveway instead of in the garage? Are there kids on skateboards in the street? These are the things that drive me to distraction. May I complain about these? Please get a life, stop complaining, or, move. JENNYFER MURPHY, Auburn