Anonymity jeopardized

Reader Input
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I am outraged that an activist judge can release the names and addresses of every supporter of the Prop. 8 initiative! How can one person out of nearly 30 million have the authority to out these citizens? Our anonymity has been jeopardized without prior knowledge or warning. This could subject individuals and businesses to undue harassment and larceny by those with opposing views. The Secretary of State then posts a huge map on their website showing the name and location of every supporter — a map of where they live and how to get there! What has this judicial system become? Why is someone allowed to expose, not only our beliefs, but our addresses? Be prepared, this is just the beginning. Discrimination due to this disclosure could cause great harm. It is time to stand up and be counted! This larceny and infringement on our citizens cannot be allowed to continue. Let’s not be led like sheep to our own slaughter! Larry Rea, Auburn