Another disputed election possible

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The last thing our polarized country needs is another disputed presidential election, especially with the gang of conservative Supreme Court justices still in charge of deciding who becomes president in a contested election. There?s a very real chance that Mitt Romney will win the electoral college (Republicans are counting on it) while losing the popular vote badly to Barack Obama. The president will pile up huge majorities in populous blue states like California, New York, Illinois and Massachusetts. But Romney could reach the necessary 270 electoral votes by sweeping the red states and adding narrow victories in such swing states as North Carolina, Virginia, Florida and New Hampshire. Conceivably Obama could get 7 million more votes than Romney ? and still lose. With Mitt Romney president, George W. Bush will have been given a third term along with his failed economic policies, which Romney fully embraces. The only thing necessary for the triumph of the Republicans is for voters to do nothing and let the archaic Electoral College decide the election. Ron Lowe, Nevada City