Another reason folks don’t vote

Reader Input
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We read a lot of late on the death penalty. How terrible it is and how the cost has soared out-of-control. It is a fact that the cost is astronomical. I suspect that many of those who write in letters condemning the practice are in fact attorneys. After all, they are the only ones that prosper here. They are absolutely right when they cite the out-of-control, over-the-top cost. The major fact that they fail to make is why. They purposely avoid the why because it is them. Yes, with their bungling, meddling and screwing up the system we always get into a fix. When I learn that I happen to be seated by a lawyer I immediately move to another seat as I feel dirty. The thing that makes all this so evident is the thousands of lawyer jokes. The question of making sure that we use a sterilized needle for putting anyone to death to me is odd. I should add that I would never advocate putting anyone to death if there was the slightest question, but what about all of those we are caring for that are totally guilty beyond any doubt. Well, keep in mind who the real winners are: The attorneys just continue to get richer playing this issue. Duh. Paul T. McDaniel, Auburn