Another View: League of Women Voters analyzes propositions 33 and 35

Another View
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Proposition 33: Auto Insurance Discounts for Continuous Coverage
YES vote means:
Insurance companies may offer discounts to new customers based on how long they have been continuously insured in the last five years, regardless of which company insured them.
NO vote means:
No change to current laws which does not allow continuous coverage discounts unless you stay with the same insurer.
Pro Arguments
•    Drivers could shop for a better deal if they have maintained insurance coverage.
•    There would be more competition among insurance companies, which will result in better rates for drivers.
Con Arguments
•    If drivers have not continuously had insurance; they shouldn’t have to pay more.
•    It is not fair to drivers with perfect driving records who have not had continuous coverage in the past five years.
Proposition 35: Increase Penalties for Human
YES vote means:

•    Current five-year maximum punishment increases to 12 years for labor trafficking, 20 years for sex trafficking and life for sex trafficking of minors.
•    Current $100,000 maximum fine increases to $1.5 million.
•    Law enforcement receives training on how to recognize human trafficking.
•    Sex traffickers must register as sex offenders.
•    Creation of obscene materials depicting minors is prosecuted as a human trafficking crime.
NO means:
No change to current laws of maximum five year sentence, maximum fine of $100,000 and no requirement for sex trafficker to register as a sex offender.
Pro Arguments
•    Stronger laws will deter human trafficking.
•    Today there are only 18 human trafficking offenders in prison. Law enforcement training is needed to help identify offenders.
Con Arguments
•    Civil rights and privacy rights to pornography would be violated.
•    The state would spend $1 million per year to implement these new laws while we are in a fiscal crisis.

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