Another View: Let me get this straight

By: Bob Snyder, former Auburn mayor
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If Measure A fails on June 5, then we can once again attest to the ruthless effectiveness of big money politics. We will have been bamboozled by a clever, expensive campaign by a powerful Sacramento special interest group. These guys are good, they play hardball. After all, these are the same guys that sold us on a $10 billion bond issue for high speed rail. They are intent on preserving, not Auburn, but their exclusive wage deal that guarantees them premium pay. But all that is hidden behind a smoke screen of half truths and distortions to confuse us. They want us to believe the unbelievable and assume ridiculous assumptions. Yes, we could be hit by a meteor, but being a charter city will have nothing to do with it. It?s all a big con, a bait and switch. They don?t talk about the real reason they are spending over $25,000 on their campaign. Heck, that would pay for five Fourth of July fireworks displays. The wise men and women in the community would say ?just follow the money?. Who profits, who wants to keep their privileged status, who would spend $25,000 trying to swing the election in little ol? Auburn? If the charter is adopted, our city council will have a choice regarding prevailing wage. The opposition wants there to be no choice. Just pay up. But, let me get this straight, if Measure A passes on June 5, then we can celebrate that the citizens were not fooled. Our elected leaders will go about their duties, free to decide how best to serve us. If it makes sense, they can choose to save money on repairs and upgrades. If Measure A passes our community will join 120 other cities that do not have to worry about the fate of their volunteers. We can plan far into the future to do exciting projects to beautify Auburn and provide those who volunteer the rewards of helping the community remain such a wonderful place. The ridiculous special interest state law that will prohibit volunteering will no longer apply to us. Only cynical special interests would ever pressure the legislature to pass such a law in the first place. Yes, it is the same people paying $25,000 to defeat our charter. The voters in 120 cities have collectively yelled, like the Howard Beale character in the 1976 movie ?Network,? ?I?m mad as hell, and I?m not going to take it anymore!? The Sacramento-funded ?No on Measure A? campaign offers absolutely no hope for strengthening Auburn for the challenging times ahead. They say, ?Just accept state rule.? They paternalistically mutter, ?Don?t worry your pretty little heads about restrictions on volunteers and high sewer repair costs, the California Legislature will take care of it for you.? But there is hope. Measure A was finely crafted over an 18-month period and in hearing after hearing to reflect Auburn?s common sense, down-to-earth, and fiscally conservative values. With a broken California Legislature, only more local control in the hands of Auburn residents will give us the tools to strengthen our small historic town. Let?s put Auburn back in charge. Vote yes on Measure A.