Another View: Measure D will keep safety first in county

By: Warren Bostick, guest columnist
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My wife and I moved to Placer County 35 years ago, deciding to raise our family on a small rural farm. We couldn?t have picked a better place for our family to call home. Now, however, our family?s safety and community protection are being threatened. We are in the middle of one of the worst economies in our lifetimes. Our county?s budget crisis has put a strain on many areas, including the first responders that keep our community safe. Our local firefighters have had to learn how to do more with less and unfortunately, Placer County is still proposing more cuts due to the budget shortfall. It is estimated that with these cuts, the level of service from our local fire department could be decreased as much as 33 percent. This means less equipment, fewer firefighters reporting to emergencies and longer response times. It doesn?t stop there; as with longer response times and limited equipment responding, our community is in danger of increased property loss and increased homeowners insurance. According to actuary/insurance agents, the cost of business and homeowners insurance could increase 200-300 percent, and some may be denied completely. The solution to this is Measure D. Measure D would enact a parcel tax of $40 a year for each homeowner, $20 for mobile homes in mobile home parks and 4.6 cents per square foot for businesses. Measure D would make up for the cuts being made to the fire departments. The safety of my family and my community is one of the most important things to me ? we need to stand up and support our local firefighters that work hard to keep us safe. You?re probably thinking, ?more taxes?? As a homeowner in Placer County I can tell you, the last thing I want to do is have to pay additional taxes. But the safety of my family and my community is worth that and much more. For less than $4 a month I can ensure that the next time I have an emergency someone will be available to come to my rescue. This is local money for local safety, it?s that simple. Measure D doesn?t only have my support; it has the support of four Placer County Supervisors. I ask you to join us in June to support our public safety; help ensure that we keep our community of Placer County safe; vote yes on Measure D.