Anti-bicyclist should lose voting rights

Reader Input
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Jan Demello claims, “Riding bicycles on Wise Road should be prohibited,” (Reader Input, July 23). Because she says so? And according to what Constitution? It is indeed sad to find that some citizens of our free society have so little regard for the basic rights of others. Miss Demello seems unaware or unconcerned with over 2,000 years of tradition and British common and even Roman law which says that free people have an absolute right to go wherever and however they want on public roads – unmolested. If we begin to take away some people’s basic and long-established rights simply because other people think we should, then we are starting down a dangerous slope indeed. Yet there may be a silver lining in this cloud. If we can take away the right of free access because we don’t like the way some people travel, then we can also take away the right of some silly people to vote because they write inane letters to the Journal. In such a case, Jan Demello’s vote would be the first to go. WM. THADDEUS, Auburn