Anti-Measure B columnist doesn't offer "balanced" response to Measure B

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I read the opinion piece by John Brassfield in the February 10th Auburn Journal (Measure B offers a blank check for Newcastle Fie Dept.) and was dismayed at the author’s refusal to recognize reality. The author seems to think that, somehow, some government body will step in to provide emergency services to the Newcastle community after either the Building Department or OSHA steps in to demand closure of the current condemned facility. He acknowledges the need for a new firehouse, but says that the firefighters, earning $8.50/hour with no benefits, shouldn’t be better compensated because “now is a poor time to ask for those items”. Judging by Mr. B’s picture, I’d venture to guess he’s got at least Medicare. The firefighters are compensated at a minimum level and aren’t paid enough to purchase health insurance. Mr. Brassfield seems to employ the “I’ve got mine” attitude. He scoffs at the idea of higher property insurance if Measure B fails. How does he know? There was no anecdotal evidence. He is also sure that there will be incrementally higher fire assessments each year. Where’s the evidence? He accuses the people who have worked for Measure B of using “scare tactics” and then goes on to employ more than a few of his own. He says “if the Measure were written properly”: Where has he been during this ongoing process and what has been his involvement? I’m sure that all Newcastle residents wish they had Mr. Brassfield’s crystal ball. He foresees no problem with voting ‘no’ on Measure B. I see a HUGE problem and support and encourage an enthusiastic ‘yes’ vote on Measure B. Patricia Burke, Newcastle