Anti-Measure B columnist so misguided it's pathetic

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John Brassfields view is so misguided, it’s pathetic. Mr. Brassfield made the statement about Measure B “The way it is offered to the voters is deceitful and deserves to fail” If anyone knows about deceit, it is Mr. Brassfield. In a Board meeting on September 20, 2006, John read a letter he stated that he wrote reprimanding the Fire Chief. John also claimed the letter was signed by the rest of the board. That is when all hell broke loose as the other board members didn’t even know about the letter, let alone sign it. After public outcry and pressure another board member admitted he was actually the one who wrote the letter. Is this the level of John’s integrity? John and the other board member decided to resign from the board at a later date. To my recollection, John has not attended any board meetings since his resignation. This may be why he is so misinformed. How many abandoned schools does John think there are in Newcastle? Why waste money on a mobile home? Even if these options were feasible, where would he suggest the fire engines and other equipment be housed? He also stated that “The Newcastle Fire Department will not go away if Measure B fails” There are Government agencies that can shut the doors for being unsafe, that is if the doors are still standing. John, get your facts straight before making any statements Carol Stearns, Newcastle