Anti-measure folk peddle lies

Reader Input
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The vote no (on Measure A) group is peddling propaganda/snake-oil-type fliers with dishonest statements: 1. ?Measure A invites costly lawsuits, costly elections and special interests meddling in local affairs.? Hypocrisy! They are the special interests and not local. James Earp, executive director of a Sacramento lobbying organization wrote the ballot argument against Measure A and poured $25,000 in ?special interest? money to deceive voters! 2. ?Measure A allows city council members to pay themselves thousands in extra compensation.? False. Sec. 202, Auburn Charter salary; same as general law city and charter prohibits council members from receiving a pension. 3. ?Measure A lets the city give away taxpayer funds with no strings attached.? False. It?s unconstitutional for general-law or charter-city to make a gift of public funds with no strings attached. 4. ?Measure A allows the city to impose higher fines and penalties?. False. Sec. 306, Auburn Charter stays the same as general-law city and charter specifies no new taxing, fee or assessment authority. 5. ?Measure A would make Auburn more like San Francisco, Bell, Vernon and Vallejo ? charter cities known for higher taxes, corruption and even bankruptcy.? False. Corrupt city officials, city council members who recklessly gave out opulent and unsustainable packages to their city employees and city officials who were funded/corrupted by ?special interest? money created those situations. Our city council members wanted to create more accountability and transparency, so in the charter they adopted a ?Performance-Based Management and Budget? (Sec. 300) for all to review on the city?s website. Auburn voters: too smart to be misled by out-of-town, special-interest James Earp and his ?snake oil? salesman peddling their wares of deception. Yes on Measure A! Steve Cavolt, Auburn