Anti-Measure A folks are naysayers

Reader Input
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The Auburn charter would permanently guarantee that Auburn always benefits from the great work of volunteers without ridiculous and expensive mandates from the California Legislature. But opponents say “no!” The Auburn charter would result in savings when the city repairs our aging sewers and expands the Streetscape construction project beyond Central Square. But opponents say “no” to saving money for ratepayers and taxpayers and providing residents with more outdoor dining and shopping opportunities downtown. The Auburn charter would give the city the opportunity to craft an ordinance that bypasses a rigid state mandate and thereby allows the fire department to remove flammable wood fuels from properties in fewer than 90 days. But opponents say “no” to saving our homes and businesses from fire. The Auburn charter would shift the power to solve local problems, from animal control to weed abatement, from the California Legislature to Auburn residents. But the opponents say “no” to the common sense of Auburn residents. I continue to hear from the opponents: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Well, it’s broken, people! I trust the people who are elected locally, who live here, and who care about this community, to fix our problems more than the inaccessible legislators that have made a mess of this beautiful state and its economy! The California Constitution gives cities like Auburn an opportunity to maximize local control. Vote “yes” on Measure A to strengthen Auburn in these challenging times. Cheryl Maki, former mayor of Auburn