Anyone else hit a bumpy road?

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I’m sure like most drivers, I am glad for the Cal Trans project to resurface Interstate 80 through Auburn. I had seen the signs at the exits though out town stating when the work was to be done. When traveling eastbound today I noticed a “bump” sign signifying what would be the beginning of the work on the freeway. The work had begun by the grinding of the old surface in two of the lanes of traffic. The reason for this letter is that as soon as I drove past the “bump” of the newly ground surface, my truck was assaulted by flying rocks shooting up from the tires of vehicles in front of me, all within a few hundred feet of roadway. After my windshield was hit by five or six rocks, I heard a hit that I was sure made a crack, which I later confirmed. This got me thinking that there must have been debris left over from the night work of grinding down the old surface of the road. Considering that I was traveling at roughly 3 on Monday afternoon, I thought there would most likely be hundreds of vehicles that had the same experience in this area of the construction zone. Is this a random occurrence or have others had the same experience during the drive eastbound through Auburn on Monday? Chris DeArmond, Foresthill