Apologies on behalf of dog lovers

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To Ms. Frances Hare (Reader Input, Aug. 17), may I extend my sincere and deepest apologies for the lack of responsibility shown by my fellow dog lover friends. Ashford Park and Ashley Memorial Dog Park are a great asset to the community of Auburn. The rules at Ashley Dog Park are simple. Dogs must be on a leash to and from the enclosed area and owners must pick up after their pets. If these simple rules were followed, there would be no problem for you. Unfortunately, there are those among us, in all walks of life, who feel that rules and regulations do not apply to them. Maybe the children’s area needs to be policed more frequently. But, I have witnessed (almost every visit I make to the dog park) the ARD crews diligently doing their jobs. They take good care of us, both at the dog park and the open park. I don’t see how it is possible for your description of the conditions at the children’s park to be accurate. However, the next time I visit the park, I will investigate the situation myself (with doggie dropping bags in hand). Dennis Shelp, Grass Valley